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Our Terms and Conditions

Our Community Commitment

This agreement sets out the terms & conditions of your membership of The Guildford Hub.

We respectfully request permission to film and photograph the events that you attend for marketing purposes. If, for any reason, you do not wish to be photographed please let a member of the team know PRIOR to attending any Hub Session. We may have already scheduled a photographer or videographer and can advise you in advance. It may not be possible to avoid recording you if you turn up on the day and insist on not being filmed of photographed.

In the vast majority of cases our members are amazing individuals who get right behind everything we do at the Hub and are a complete joy to work with. However, this is a legal document and necessarily needs to touch on the very rare negatives that we have experienced as a business community.

Naturally, Hub members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Racism, sexism or gender discrimination are not tolerated at any of the Hubs or on the online platforms. The Bordon Hub reserves the right to remove any posts, comments or articles posted on platforms managed by The Bordon Hub without explanation or prior warning.

We do ask, as a matter of courtesy, that members and ex-members do not hold competing events at the same time as the events of their Hub without the prior written agreement of The Guildford Hub. Competing events are nearby events that are marketed to other Hub members and have business content.

In return, the Hub agrees to support events that Hub members arrange and, where possible, promote these to other members of the Hub, especially for our VIP members.

We think it reasonable to ask that Hub members not replicate or reproduce copyrighted materials provided by The Guildford Hub without prior consent from The Guildford Hub.

In the very unlikely instance of a Hub event being postponed or cancelled no refunds will be provided.

Payments and Terms


The cost of your membership must be paid in full, one month in advance.
Payment is by Go Cardless direct debit.
You will not be invoiced unless you ask to be.
If we cannot collect payment from you within thirty days of the due date your membership will be cancelled.


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

All IPR in any materials supplied as part of your membership will remain the property of The Guildford Hub. Any rights or entitlement to use “The Guildford Hub” logo as part of your membership whether as part of an email sign off or in any other way is permitted. This is limited strictly to any period of paid for membership and will terminate immediately on breach of any provisions of this agreement or termination of membership.


Terms of Membership

There is a 3 month minimum term for Premium Business Hub membership and a 6 month minimum term for VIP Membership. Following that, 1 months’ notice for Premiums and 2 months for VIPs is required should you wish to cancel your membership.

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your membership speak directly to a member of the team.


Membership Benefits

What is provided to you as a Premium Member?
Access to:

• Unlimited access to weekly Bordon, Guildford & Farnham Hub meetings
• Access to our members only Facebook group
• Access to videos of all our talks
• Useful business resources and support 24/7
• Regular member events
• Occasional sharing of your offers across our social media channels
• The opportunity to build strong business connections at the Hub and through other members contacts and grow a supportive network of business friends that understand your challenges


What is provided to you as a VIP Member?
Access to:

• All the benefits of Premium Membership, plus…
• Showcase your skills across our social media channels
• Present your exclusive business offers to all Hub members
• Exclusive VIP events with Bordon, Guildford & Farnham VIPs
• Access to advanced and specialised business training courses
• Full page on this website, showcasing you and your business
• Promotion for your business at Hub meetings
• Rapidly become known as the “go to” expert locally and beyond


If you have any questions regarding these community terms and conditions then please do contact us.