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Is Your Marketing Back to Front?

When most businesses think about marketing they start with the tool or media they are going to use. At one point twitter was the favourite. Everyone is on Twitter we must use that for marketing. Then there

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5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Business

People do business with people…… People do business with people they know, like and TRUST. People may know your business. They may even like your business. But they won’t do business with you or

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Project Management Tips for Small Businesses

Mention the word project, or even worse, the term project management, and most people think of big undertakings. Cross-Rail, the Olympics, building a new hospital etc. Yep – these are all BIG projects. But

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5 Critical Numbers to Know

Most of the people in your business sector are wrong, most of the time. That’s a pretty bold assertion. Let me explain why. MARKET DYNAMICS – THE PARETO PRINCIPLE The Pareto principle often referred

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